Father arriving home with babies shoots suspects during apparent robbery attempt: HCSO

A Houston-area father who was arriving home with his wife and two infants shot two teen suspects who apparently attempted to rob them, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office says.

Deputies responded to the home in the 6800 block of Feather Creek Drive just after midnight on Monday.


According to HCSO, a family had just driven home, with two babies in the backseat, when two suspects apparently tried to enter their vehicle.

The sheriff’s office says the suspects opened the back door to the family’s SUV, and the father fired shots and struck both suspects.

The wife drove the vehicle away after the shooting to get away from the suspects, according to HCSO.

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Authorities say someone believed to be with the suspects drove up after the shooting. The two 16-year-old suspects were taken to the hospital by a private vehicle. They are said to be stable and in fair condition.

The family was not injured.

HCSO says the investigation is ongoing.