Harsh weather conditions affecting Sky Harbor customers

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- The substantial amount of snowfall across Arizona has affected schools, roads, and now, several customers attempting to fly in and out of Sky Harbor Airport.

Consistent rain in the Phoenix-area and snow in Northern Arizona has made it difficult for a decent amount of travelers making their way through Sky Harbor. Emily Newton, a customer traveling through, assumed planning a trip at the end of February would be easy, but rough weather conditions are making for a different experience.

"We thought we were safe to plan this trip at the end of February," Newton said. "We [were] supposed to go to Sedona yesterday and we tried to cancel our flights, but we couldn't cancel [ourselves] unless our flight was canceled or delayed."

Chris Smith, another passerby, said his Uber ride to the airport nearly tripled in cost due to the weather.

"Normally it would cost me 17 dollars to get here and today, it cost $49."

While the weather doesn't appear to bother customers too much, it's safe to say most were expecting a vastly different climate during this time of year.

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