Health care tech company cyberattack leaves Arizona patients, pharmacies frustrated

We're getting a closer look inside pharmacies to see how they have been impacted by a recent cyberattack.

We first reported on the cyberattack on Feb. 28. The cyberattack against one of the nation's largest healthcare tech companies, Change Health Care, started on Feb. 21.

Many Arizonans have reported they can't fill their prescriptions. At one pharmacy, hundreds of patients have been told they can't fill their prescriptions with insurance.

"I go into the pharmacy to use the coupon, and they’re like, ‘oh, system issue,’" Rebecca Hood says. "I’m like, OK. Come back tomorrow, and this is my 9th day. I’ve come back to the pharmacy saying ‘can I get my meds? Can I get my meds?’"

Hood says the current situation means her son can't get his ADHD medication.

"Its $550 for these meds alone," Hood says.

"Can you afford that?" we asked Hood.

"Absolutely not. No," Hood says, in response.

Besides affecting people in need of medication, the attack is also affecting pharmacies, like Metier Pharmacy in Phoenix.

"We have approximately 253 claims, as of this morning, that are waiting on this breach to be lifted," says Randle House.

House, who owns Metier Pharmacy, says he can't fill nearly half of his patients’ medications as of now.

"As a small business owner, this is our revenue. This is how I pay my employees, being able to take care of our patients and generate revenue, and were at a standstill," House says.

House has tried to find workarounds to help patients in dire need, but that means he has to bear the cost.

"It is severely affecting revenue streams, and being able to do what we do, and honestly, take care of our patients," House says.

"We need these meds to function," Hood says.

In a filing, Change Health Care officials have said a nation-state was responsible for the attack.

Company officials have updated their statement eight times since our last report, but still offer no clear update on when this will end, only saying the disruption will last at least through the day.