Henry County Police Investigate Man Who Approached Child

A local mother hopes police can quickly track down the man who approached her child after school Wednesday.

Bethany Walsh said her six-year-old daughter was walking the short distance from her bus stop to her home when a white car pulled up and the man inside tried to strike up a conversation.

"She said, 'Mama, I walked home alone from the bus stop and a man came up to me and was asking me for help,'" recalled Walsh. "And it just [kind of] shocked me."

Upon hearing the story, Walsh checked her home surveillance system and what she saw scared her even more--she believes the man followed the school bus into the neighborhood.

"Watching the video of the car coming behind the school bus, going past the school bus, turning around and coming back--I knew immediately this man was trying to get my child," said Walsh.

Henry County Police have opened an investigation into the incident and hope the man involved will come forward to tell his side of the story.

"It looks odd," said Capt. Joey Smith. "It's very suspicious. We want to deal with it as quickly as possible."

Investigators were particularly concerned because a similar incident was reported in the area two years ago.

Walsh said she continuously reminds her children about "stranger danger" and is glad her daughter listened.

"This could have went totally different and it didn't and I'm so thankful, but I don't want this to happen to somebody else's family," Walsh added.

The man was described as a white male with brown hair and glasses. Investigators ask anyone who can identify him or his vehicle to come forward.