Hiking troubles: Figures show Arizona has the most mountain rescues across the U.S.

During a time when many entertainment sites are shut down as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the outdoors is still open, and with so many hiking trails in the Valley, there is, of course, a concern about mountain rescues.

According to a recent survey, Arizona is home to the most mountain rescues across the country. Some of the most dangerous area trails are Echo Canyon Park, Lost Dutchman State Park, and Tonto National Forest.

"A big emphasis on Echo Trail and Camelback Mountain in that region, specifically it being kind of known for its more dangerous hikes, trails or terrain," said Spot Director of Marketing Marcy Fluitt.

Fluitt says her company's device has helped with rescues in these areas. The device works by using a satellite network to connect hikers with area responders, in places where cell phones might not connect.

"Sends your GPS coordinates directly to Geos, which locally can dispatch local agencies to your rescue," said Fluitt.

In many cases, Fluitt says finding a way of staying connected to those back home can ultimately help to keep people safe.

"Share locations track with friends and family, so you have that peace of mind back home when you are venturing off the road," said Fluitt.