Historic West Valley cemetery vandalized

A vigil was held at a historical cemetery in the West Valley, after it was vandalized overnight.

Some of the headstones in the Goodyear Farm Historic Cemetery were defaced, spray painted with hateful messages like the Swastika.

"They're trying to rest in peace where they're buried at, and they're not allowed to, by vandalism," said one man.

"It makes me sad," said one woman.

The cemetery is home to hundreds of Mexican farmers who were brought to the United States to work, in the early 1900s.

"Cleared the land, planted the cotton, eventually other crops to maintain the food line, put food on the tables," said one man.

Throughout the day, family members of these late farm workers walked through the cemetery to check on their loved ones.

This incident is not the first time the cemetery was desecrated. According to Dr. Jose Villea, an archaeologist who has worked on the cemetery for more than a decade, the incident happens far too often.

"They come out here and do whatever they want," said Villea. "We have caught them running around the cemetery naked."

Some of the family members of those interred at the ceremony said they wish and hope the city will do more for the cemetery, such as installing mini lights, and installing more surveillance cameras.