Hit-and-run crash on State Route 51 captured on dashcam

A terrifying moment that happened on State Route 51 was captured by a dashcam.

The incident happened Saturday afternoon. The driver was heading north on State Route 51, just before the Greenway exit, when he said a white BMW tried to cut in front him, but instead slammed right into the side of his car.

The entire crash was captured on his dashcam, which Scott Markowitz installed himself.

"My hands were on the wheel, my eyes are on the road, my music was going," recounted Markowitz. "I was in my little zone, while still paying attention to my surroundings, and this guy just comes out of nowhere."

The BMW hit the side of Markowitz's car, and then spins into traffic, narrowly missing another car.

Markowitz owns his own mobile computer repair business, and spends a lot of time in his car.

"Being in a mobile business, I knew it was inevitable something like this could happen," said Markowitz. "It was instant shock. Once I realized, 'crap, I was in a collision', I pulled off as soon as I could."

Markowitz called 911, and in the video, one can see some other witnesses of the crash pull over to make sure the driver of the BMW is OK. The witnesses leave, and then, so did the BMW.

"I was assuming he was just going to go to a parking lot to exchange information, so I got over as quickly as I could and tried to follow him, and he didn't like that either,' said Markowitz.

Markowitz said the driver was nowhere to be found. He has turned over all the video to DPS, which includes a clear image of the license plate.

"I just hope he comes forward," said Markowitz. "I need a drivable car, that's really what it boils down to, 'cause I can't run a business in a car like this. It's unprofessional."

DPS is reportedly investigating the crash.