Hit TV show 'Antiques Roadshow' makes pit stop in the Valley

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Hit TV show, "Antiques Roadshow," made a pit stop in the Valley for the first time in a decade, filming three episodes that will be featured in the series' 24th season.

Today, nearly 4,000 people came to Desert Botanical Gardens.

"My sister, a year ago, had cardiac arrest, so we're doing bucket list stuff because the end is coming!" Cheryl said.

People were there putting some of their most prized possessions in the hands of the experts to see how much they're really worth.

"We've got a Margaret King doll from the '70s and some poster art that we have no information on," Debra said.

"[I] was very curious about this painting that my grandfather bought as an original in New York in 1912 or 13," Alanna said.

"We all have stuff laying around. We all have stuff that we've inherited. We all have stuff that we find and some of us just have stuff because we like stuff, but every once in a while it's like what is this stuff worth?" said Nicholas Lowry, an "Antiques Roadshow" appraiser.

"It's worth about, he said five-to-six hundred and it's mainly because the silver is good, so because of this lid..." Cheryl said.

Even though when purchasing an antique there's always a chance to get lucky, some say what matters most is priceless.

"Don't ever buy antiques or art as an investment, just buy what you love... that way you'll never lose money," Lowry said.