Holiday tree tradition on Camelback Mountain may come to an end

The City of Phoenix's Parks And Recreation Board discussed the issue of a Holiday Tree that is placed during the holiday season on Camelback Mountain, during a meeting Monday night.

For 15 years, a group of people have brought a holiday tree up to the Camelback Mountain as a tradition. In 2016, however, officials with Phoenix's Parks & Recreation Department said people can no longer bring the tree up the mountain. Officials said they were concerned the tree could present a safety hazard, as they could easily fall down and hurt someone.

The tree, however, was later allowed to be brought up the mountain, following a social media outcry. The board, however, said the tree is against policy, and it appears city leaders may agree. Member of the board argued the tree brings extra trash, and violates the rule against monuments on the mountain.

"We have an obligation to enforce the Preserve land that we have, and we're stewards of that land, and the obligation as well as the public safety, that's a very big challenge that we have," said Greg Bach with the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department.

Some, however, disagree with the argument that the tree is a monument.

"It's only here for the month of December," said John Cressey, aka the "Camelback Santa".

A formal report will reportedly be sent, and a decision could be made in the coming couple of months.

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