Homeowners without flood insurances faces financially steep post-Harvey recovery

When the rain finally stops from Hurricane Harvey, it is estimated that it will take weeks for the floodwaters to recede. When it does, families will likely return home to find devastation, and many may find themselves facing financial disaster.

According to estimates by the Consumer Federation of America, less than 20% of flood victims in the Houston area have flood protection. This means homeowners will be footing the costs of clean-up and restoration, all on their own.

"Theres a lot more than just the home that's gone," said Landon McKown with Response Team 1. "The emotions they go through, it's a very hard time for everybody."

When residents return to their neighborhoods, they may not even recognize it.

"It's walking into area where it does look like a war zone," said McKown. "There's trash everywhere, debris everywhere. I've seen boats and trampolines sitting on top of houses. It's somewhere between war and tornado. It's horrible."

Experts say the longer the higher water sits, the more likely the house will be a total loss.

The cost to restore an average home is around $200,000, and that doesn't include replacing the items inside.