Hopping into Old Town: Giant jackrabbit sculpture now sits in Scottsdale

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (KSAZ) - Right at the corner of Marshall Way and Indian School Road, you will see a unique creature as big as the eye can see!

"Scottsdale was looking for something really big, really bold, and sort of strange," John Randall Nelson said.

A giant, one-eyed jack rabbit sitting 26-feet tall! It's a familiar design often seen in the work of Valley artist and Arizona State University alumni John Randall Nelson.

"When I was a student at ASU, Marshal Way was the place that all the contemporary galleries were," he said. "This was always the place, as young artists, we aspired to have representation by the galleries here, so this place does have special meaning to me."

Nelson and the Scottsdale Public Art Board says the iconic desert animal adds a mix of both southwest appeal with the modern aesthetic feel of Old Town Scottsdale.

"We have well over 100 sculptures throughout Scottsdale and so this is adding to our repertoire," Kim Curry-Evans said.

While also encouraging residents and visitors to appreciate the beauty of art and the history of Old Town Scottsdale.

"It's a great symbolic artwork to put in this downtown area that has had its history in this downtown area," Curry-Evans said. "We want this to be a signal for folks to come downtown, see something fun but also shop at the local businesses that are in the area."