How to stay cool and save a few bucks this summer

For many it's the most dreaded bill of summer, the power bill. APS says your air conditioner can account for up to 70% of your electric bill during the summer.

It's also a busy time for valley cooling specialists. Hobaica Air and Cooling says during the heatwave; people are calling for service with a common issue.

"Typically the A/C cannot keep up, the house isn't cooling enough, they're hot, and they're uncomfortable," said Louis Hobaica.

Hobaica says the A/C unit will always tell you if something is not working right.

"Listen to it, it'll complain. Is it running too long? Is it not stopping to rest? It should cycle 3-4 times per hour," said Hobaica.

How much people shell out during the valley's summers to stay cool depends on a host of things. Ranging from rate plans to thermostat settings.

"It averages about $700 in the summer, we definitely anticipate our next one being closer to $300," said one resident.

APS says that every little degree counts if you're sweating your electric bill.

"For every one degree you turn your A/C up, you can actually save about 2-3% on your bill overall," said Anne Degraw with APS.

APS says investing in a smart thermostat can absolutely save you money.