Huge firefighting aircraft ready for wildfire season

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) - The world's largest firefighting aircraft is ready for the wildfire season.

The Global SuperTanker is a Boeing 747-400 series passenger jet converted for firefighting. It recently underwent maintenance at Pinal Airpark outside Tucson.

The retrofitted aircraft has fought wildfires in California, Chile, Israel and elsewhere.

It can dump up to 19,200 gallons (72,678 liters) of water or retardant in just six seconds. It can fly as low as 200 feet (61 meters) above the ground to do its work. It can be refilled in just 13 minutes.

The SuperTanker proved indispensable in 2018, helping battle some of the most devastating wildfires in California history.

Its crew is ready to respond anywhere worldwide within hours.