Humane Society: Cat allegedly abused by man sexually has been adopted

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Officials with the Arizona Humane Society said Friday that a cat who was allegedly victimized in a sexual abuse case involving a Valley man has been adopted.

According to officials, the cat, named Shadow, was adopted about three weeks ago, and is now living in Fountain Hills.

FOX 10 first reported on the incident in March (NOTE: Original story contains graphic content. Discretion advised) . According to court documents, which was filled with graphic descriptions, the suspect, identified as 40-year-old Michael Navage, is accused of having sexual contact with the cat, which was his pet at the time, and injuring the animal. At the time, an exam revealed that Shadow suffered superficial wounds, in addition to previous rib and pelvic injuries.

At the time, Humane Society official said they believe Shadow was an approximately five-month-old male, and the cat was under the care of Humane Society's trauma hospital.