Hundreds out shopping for and returning gifts a day after Christmas in Tempe

UPS is predicting returned packages will reach a record high this holiday season as the company is expected to process nearly two million returns on Jan. 2nd, which is considered its peak day.

That's up 26% from last year. UPS says that's because more people are shopping online and shipping things back rather than returning them in stores.

However, that didn't stop people from hitting stores all over town, returning gifts, and looking for some of those great post-Christmas deals.

On Thursday, the day after Christmas, Tempe Market Place was a popular spot for those looking to do just that.

Some people got everything they wanted for Christmas, as one shopper says, “I got everything I wanted. This is a Christmas outfit I have on.”

But now, they are trying to get all the post-Christmas deals. “The deals are really amazing. They have them going on all December so once December is up, I’ll have everything I have been looking for out here," said another shopper.

But in all, many shoppers are enjoying what the season is all about, “Spending time with family, basically doing nothing, seeing what’s around and who is out shopping," a shopper said.