Husband kills wife in Scottsdale murder-suicide

But moments later the man returned with another gun, he tells the construction worker to back off and watch the child.

"At that time what we believe is that the male subject shoots the female and then shoots himself."

"He told me he was in shock holding the boy," said Magnolia Romero who rushed to the scene after getting a panicked phone call from her husband. He helped comfort the child after the traumatic incident.

"I thought um that maybe my husband was there to comfort the boy, that maybe things happen for a reason... I just feel so sad for the boy," she said.

The woman who was killed filed a restraining order Friday against the husband. Police seized a large number of weapons when the order was served.

The couple's young son was not hurt. They also have a young daughter, but police say she was not home at the time of the shooting.