"I want them to be safe": Furloughed Disney worker donates masks to teachers

As teachers get ready to return to school, an Orange County woman is donating face masks to them.

Wendy Hebert hopes to help teachers feeling anxious about going back to school during the pandemic by making masks for them.

"I certainly don’t have any right making judgments on them going back to school, but I think it’s scary and I want them to feel safer," Hebert said. 

It’s her own way of trying to mend the situation.


"I feel really bad for them," she said. "You have to go back because it’s your job, your health insurance and everything. And then you’re scared you’re going to bring it home to your families."

Hebert already leaves face coverings outside her house for any neighbor who needs one, but now teachers are her focus.

"I think they’re the new frontline. I want them to be safe and I want them to have fun masks to wear," she said. 

Hebert started making the masks in April after she was furloughed from her sales job at Disney.

"When people call that Walt Disney World phone number, I’m the one that says, 'Have a magical day.'"

She uses that same enthusiasm to bring a smile to others.

"It can get a little depressing. And I imagine people who don’t have this project to take their mind of things, it’s hard," she said. 

Hebert says she'll make as many masks as she can.

"I’ll donate as many as I can make to fill the need. There’s no limit. I just feel bad for them, so I want to help them," she said.

Email Hebert at wdesignsbywendy@gmail.com with your request for a mask donation.

You can pick up the mask or pay for shipping.

She's also accepting donations from people to buy fabric and supplies if they want to help.

You can donate through Paypal.

To see Hebert's masks, you can visit her Facebook page.