Iconic Circles Records building undergoes renovation in Phoenix

The Circles Records building that's been an empty for past six plus years is slowly on its way to becoming an apartment complex and retail shop if the developers get their way.

The building is located in the heart of downtown Phoenix off Central Avenue and McKinley.

Before it was the Circles record building, this building was a car dealership built by Jack Stewart back in 1947.

Today, some of his daughters got to reminisce.

"They had the Studebaker car on the revolving turn table, they had all the salesmen standing in a "V," there were like 20 of them and my dad's there and he has on a white tuxedo," Kathy Stewart said.

Kathy says the iconic front part of the building will keep its shape as it undergoes renovations and eventually turns into some type of retail or restaurant space, while apartment towers go up beside it.

"We were a little worried because we thought it was going to be completely torn down, but then we got involved with the developer and found out that they would honor some of our request in face and in the end, they honored all of our requests," she said.

In addition, a large mural is expected to be painted above the entrance to the building. Ashley Macias, the artist, already has the design that she says depicts the nature of Phoenix.

"The piece is meant to show liberation and rebirth as the Phoenix bird, so this person is an embodiment," she said.

For now, developers say they're still working to get support from the city to approve the tax incentive they're hoping for to make this a reality.

They hope to begin construction early next year. Once construction starts, developers say it will take about 20 months to finish the entire project.