Iconic 'Love Sculpture' relocated in Scottsdale

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (KSAZ) - This Saturday, Scottsdale celebrates '68.

It's the 50-year anniversary of historic Scottsdale, Scottsdale City Hall, and the Civic Center Library, the building which originally opened in 1968.

Mike Phillips with the City of Scottsdale says the start of the celebration really kicks off with the relocation of the popular "Love Sculpture," after it was closed off to the public due to nearby construction.

"It will be back open to the public with a wonderful background and it's just part of life's celebrations," he said.

Smith says over the years, the "Love Sculpture" and the Scottsdale plaza have become a staple for the city.

"When people get engaged or married or they have birthday parties or other milestones, they love to gather in front of the love statue and do family portraits or friend portraits or selfies," he said. "It's a Scottsdale tradition."

To add to the iconic statue's new placement, this weekend's celebration includes an incredible lineup of family fun for all to enjoy.

"We're going to have car shows, we're going to have live entertainment, we're having open houses at city hall and the library, and then a concert," he said.