Identical triplets born to North Carolina mother

A North Carolina family is celebrating an extremely rare addition. Kimberly Fradel of Wake Forest, NC recently gave birth to identical triplets.

They're named Grace, Stella and Emily. Their parents say they've painted each girl's toenails a different color in order to tell them apart. They also say each of the girls has the same birthmark, but in a different spot.

Kimberly Fradel says she was shocked to hear from her doctor that she would give birth to triplets. "My first response was 'Oh God, no. Please God, no,' and then she said 'I think they're identical,' and for her it was really great to see and exciting. For me the excitement came, but my first feeling was sheer panic."

Experts say they're not sure of the exact odds against natural identical triplets, but say it could be as high as 200 million to one.

The Fradels also have a son. They say there's already an obvious bond among the three girls and with their older brother, as well.