Immigration protesters flock to Philadelphia Pence event

Hundreds of protesters gathered in a Philadelphia park near a hotel where Vice President Mike Pence spoke at a fundraiser for the Republican Governors Association.

"Repeat after me. In the name of humanity. In the name of humanity," the crowd chanted. It was part of a protest that drew a massive crowd to Rittenhouse Square this evening to send a message while Vice President Mike Pence was inside the Rittenhouse Hotel for a fundraiser.

"No separating children. No border wall," they screamed. The crowd armed themselves with signs protesting President Trump's immigration policy that separates undocumented children from their parents when they enter at the U.S.-Mexico border.

"The separation of the children from their parents is totally un-American. It is inhumane," said Bonnie Kapenstein. She says she doesn't believe the President's approach to illegal immigration is for the safety of our country.

"No, I'm sorry when I look at America today I don't think illegal immigrants is our biggest problem. Not by any means," said Kapenstein. Others say the images seen on tv of children being detained is what brought them out.

"In these holding places they're not given any comfort. By that I don't mean food, water, shelter or air conditioning as some people like to say. But the comfort of being near somebody who cares for them that can give them a hug," said Lauren Simeone. Meanwhile the President on Capitol Hill today continued to stress the administration's "zero tolerance policy" on enforcing immigration as he met with republican lawmakers.

"The system has been broken for many years, the immigration system. It's been a really bad, bad system, probably the worst anywhere in the world. We're going try and see if we can fix it," said President Trump.