Infamous Amy's Baking Company restaurateurs fire back at critics

If you saw the season finale of FOX's "Kitchen Nightmares," you will never forget Scottsdale restaurateurs Amy and Samy Buzaglo.

The episode went viral online.

For the infamous couple, it resulted in an investigation into stolen tips and put Samy's immigration status in limbo.

With all that, they are ready to venture into another reality show.

From the outside, it looks so peaceful, but we all know some crazy stuff has gone down here.

After seeing the infamous couple on Kitchen Nightmares, I expected to find Amy chasing people around the kitchen with knives, but I found her to be quite funny.

People have a lot of questions for Audra Moore when they find out she works for the Buzaglos.

"They're like oh my God, do you like it there? Is it crazy? Are they as crazy as they seem on TV? And I tell them no. They're normal people. They run their restaurant. It's not that crazy," said Audra.

"They filmed for two days and they took 36 minutes of two days worth of film and they put every single crazy moment together they could," said Amy.

Samy added, "What's happened is we've been attacked and under pressure.. then what happened is the devil came out of me. I cannot let someone like Gordon Ramsay humiliate the whole.. everyone humiliate me and humiliate my wife. Then I show the world he is nothing and he's still nothing."

After the show aired, "we became a tourist attraction."

They estimate 5,000 new diners came in because of the show.

"They wanted to see the drama.. they wanted to see us screaming. They wanted to see the food come out two hours later.. whatever. They wanted all that. We had people manufacture their own drama."

Like the man who planted a bug on a dinner plate.

"Big rubber cockroach."

Security cameras picked up the entire thing.

The internet was venomous. With negative reviews on and threats and hateful messages on

Thankfully, Amy says, they've seen lots of good people too, which has made all the chaos tolerable.

After the nightmare that they say Kitchen Nightmares was for them, the Buzaglos have agreed to do another reality show.

"We can teach you how to make amazing cakes and how to work in the kitchen and be wild and our kitty cats."

Meeting them is interesting, fun and unpredictable or as Gordon Ramsay so eloquently put it, "Meeting you two for the first time you are both f****** nuts."

But will they be f****** for the new show because after all, isn't that why everyone was interested in Amy and Samy in the first place?

"We have to go out in a blaze of glory and show people how we will roar! You will hear us roar 'cause we fell down, we're gonna pull ourselves up. We went from zero to our own heroes. We have to show everybody the real us. That's why we agreed to do a reality show."

Together, they just may be the perfect recipe for reality television.

"Every pot has its lid and Samy is the pot and I am the lid."

In the last few weeks, Kitchen Nightmares sent their cameras back out to revisit the Buzaglos. They plan to kick off the new season with an update on them.


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