Instagram testing 'unskippable' ads feature that you can't scroll past

FILE-In this photo illustration the logo of US online social media and social networking service Facebook (C), the US instant messaging software Whatsapp's logo (L) and the US social network Instagram's logo (C) are displayed on a smartphone screen.

Instagram users may see a new change coming to the social media platform soon. 

The company is testing "ad breaks" that force you to stop and look at an advertisement briefly before users can continue scrolling. 

An Instagram spokesperson confirmed to The Verge that the ad breaks are being tested, and the company will share updates if the test leads to product changes. 

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Instagram currently displays sponsored posts and advertisements between the content users scroll through in their feed or Reel.

Some users may see this feature based on user posts on X and Reddit, but Meta told Business Insider the feature could be permanent on the app.

The Verge shared a screenshot of a social media post from a Reddit user who noticed the Instagram ad break feature pointing out that the user could scroll on the platform for a bit before Instagram prevented the person from scrolling further until the ad was viewed. 

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Separately, the user’s post displays an Instagram ad break icon with a countdown timer notifying the user how long it takes until you can start scrolling again. 

Instagram testing the ad break feature is similar to YouTube’s ad method where their platform requires users of its free version of the platform to view advertisements before they’re able to watch videos. 

This story was reported from Washington, D.C.