Jewelry maker's products stolen at Merry Main Street in Mesa

Earlier in the week, FOX 10 Phoenix reported on an incident at Merry Main Street in Mesa, where a Christmas tree was deliberately set on fire.

Thanks to local businesses and the public, a new tree was put up and decorated. On Friday, however, a Valley woman who sells jewelry at the event is asking for help, after most of her inventory was stolen from her booth.

Veronica Mossberg creates one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, which takes her up to an hour to make one item. Mossberg sells her jewelry at shows like the one in Mesa. Last Friday, however, Mossberg said all of it was stolen.

"You hurt me and my whole family, and you're doing that to other people too, because I'm sure I'm not the only one," said Mossberg. "If you have the indecency to do it to me, you've done it to others."

More than $15,000 worth of jewelry are gone, taking everything this small business owner has right before Christmas, which is her busiest time of year.

"I have, like, 35 stores in total, and they all need stuff before Christmas," said Mossberg. "I don't have any stock left, so the time has what's really been brutal."

Mossberg's jewelry was left overnight in her tent at the event. She said she was told security guards monitor the area, and although it's risky, it is typical for vendors to do so.

"They have over night security, they put these tents up, they're here all season long, I'll be good," said Mossberg. "You know that risk is there, but it's never happened to me in particular."

Mossberg has worked 17-hour days, just to have enough merchandise to sell at upcoming shows. She hopes whoever stole the items will do the right thing.

"It's not real silver or gold, so they can't melt it down or sell it to a pawn shop," said Mossberg. "What are you going to do with this? Are you going to realize it's not worth anything, and throw it in the trash, when I need this more than anything?"

Officials with the City of Mesa said they recommended vendors to not leave anything overnight.