Jury selection begins in trial of Jerice Hunter

"Just please bring my baby back, she deserves to be home with her family, she's scared, she's scared," said Jerice Hunter.

That was Hunter more than two years ago, her 5-year-old daughter Jhessye Shockley went missing. Little Jhessye hasn't been seen since.

Hunter is now accused of killing her daughter, and her trial is about to begin.

Jury selection began Monday in her murder trial, and there are more than 240 potential jurors and many of them will fill out a questionnaire, asking them if they've seen TV news reports on the case.

Hunter was asked if she hurt Jhessye. "I wanted to say another word, but no and it's very unfair for you to ask me that, do I look like I hurt my daughter? Do I look like I hurt my daughter?" she replied.

In 2011 Hunter, was furious when asked if she hurt her 5-year-old daughter. Prosecutors eventually charged her with first-degree murder and child abuse involving little Jhessye's disappearance. More than three years later Hunter quietly sat in court as a judge questioned potential jurors in her upcoming trial.

Glendale Police believes hunter dumped Jhessye's body in the trash, but despite an exhaustive landfill search the body was never found making the case more difficult for prosecutors to prove. Hunter continues to say she is innocent, in a jailhouse interview she gave in 2013.

"I have not had my day in court yet, and I've been judged, tried, and convicted by the public thru the media," said Hunter.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys are now searching for jurors who don't know about this case, or if they have heard about it, haven't formed an opinion yet. A few jurors already told the judge they remembered when little Jhessye disappeared.

The Maricopa County Attorney is not seeking the death penalty in the case, and the jury selection process is expected to take two weeks.