KEEP OUT: Goodyear Police asking people to stay away from trotting park

Officials with the Goodyear Police Department said they are seeing an increase of trespassers making their way onto an abandoned trotting track in the far west valley.

The Goodyear Trotting Park is slated to be torn down within the year, but since January, there's been dozens of calls of people on the property that shouldn't be.

The property, easily visible from the I-10, is fenced off. "No Trespassing" signs are also posted. People, however, are still making their way onto the property. Officials with the Goodyear Police Department said not only is it very dangerous, but people going on the property could face charges.

"This is not a structurally sound building," said Lisa Kutis with Goodyear Police. "There's lots of issues with the building. It is private property, and we do not want anyone on that property."

Goodyear Police is seeing an uptick in the amount of trespassing calls. Since January, there's been 110 calls for service.

"I think it's curiosity," said Kutis. "I think for some reason, there's been attention drawn to this location so people are curious, but it's just not worth the risk."

The track opened in 1965 for horse racing, and was only used for two seasons before it was abandoned. The trotting park has sat empty ever since.

Crews are currently removing asbestos, in an effort to prepare the building before its demolition.

"A picture is not worth the possibility of becoming injured or even dying in a situation like that," said Kutis. She went on to say if a person is caught trespassing, that person may face charges.

"The trotter track is private property. It's a criminal trespass charge if caught on that property, which is a Class 2 misdemeanor and subject to fines and even jail time, depending on the courts." said Kutis.