Kids at Phoenix Children's Hospital celebrate Halloween early

Kids of all ages at Phoenix Children's Hospital are celebrating Halloween a little early this year.

Spirit, the Halloween store, helped put a party together and donated 75 costumes to the kids.

"They sort them out by size and gender and then they set it up kind of like a store and kids get to come in and shop for their costume."

Ariana Jauquez has been in the hospital for the past few weeks. Her aunt says she was counting down the minutes to the party.

While some are contemplating what to be for Halloween, Ariana already knows what kind of candy she's on the lookout for.

"Um, Snickers," she said.

Once they get in their costumes, they get to walk the halls on Halloween Day. It's a tradition that's been going strong for the last nine years.

If anyone would like to make a donation to any Spirit Store, 100% of the money will go directly to the Child Life Department at Phoenix Children's Hospital.