Kindness: Florida officer helps homeless man shave

After video of a police officer in Tallahassee helping a homeless man shave to prepare for a job interview at a McDonald's restaurant, Senator Marco Rubio has offered to help the man get the documents he needs to start work.

The video and photos of the officer's kindness were posted by bystanders to social media Tuesday.

Tallahassee police officer Tony Carlson had just finished responding to a call when he saw the man, identified as "Phil," having trouble with his shaver.

Phil asked Officer Carlson if he knew anything about fixing a razor and if he could look at it. The officer fixed it for him, but because Phil couldn't see himself and didn't have a mirror, Officer Carlson stepped in to help do it for him.

Officer Carlson said Phil was excited about the job interview opportunity and was told he needed to shave for it, so the officer said he knew he had to try and help him out the best that he could.

"I like to think of us more as peace officers first, law enforcement officers second," said Officer Carlson. "I wish I could have done more."

The Tallahassee Police Department said Tuesday that the local homeless shelter was helping him get the two forms of identification required to apply. Once he has his identification to apply, he will have the job, the restaurant's owner told the police department.

Later Tuesday, the city of Tallahassee Police Department posted an update on Facebook. After dinner with his family Tuesday night, Officer Carlson saw Phil and another man so they stopped to check in.

Phil said the manager confirmed he had the job as soon as his identification paperwork was in order.

That's when Officer Carlson revealed Sen. Marco Rubio's office had reached out, offering to help Phil obtain his information.

"I told Phil when I got to work on Thursday I would print out the paperwork they emailed to me and bring it by for Phil to fill out. They also said Phil could come by their office and they would help him with the process. Phil was super excited and assured me he would be ready for Thursday," Officer Carlson said on Facebook.