Large alligator pays a visit to the front porch of a Venice home

When you get a notification that someone's at your front door, this is not the sight you expect to see.

Ring camera footage from May 21 shows a large alligator clambering onto a bench outside the front door of a Venice home, when it takes an interest in a wall-mounted sea turtle decor.

The gator tried to get a hold of the metal plaque, but was unsuccessful.

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After pondering its next steps for a few moments, the large reptile left -- but not before sending a potted plant crashing onto the deck.

Crawford B. Lewis said he got an alert from the Ring app that someone was at his front door, and was astonished to see the creature on the porch when he went to view the video.

"I'm glad I did not get up at 5:30 a.m. and open my front door," he said.