Local expert talks about use of force by law enforcement

Videos from Mesa showing two use of physical force incidents are shining the light on the issue of "use of force" by law enforcement, and whether it's being used appropriately.

Investigations will hopefully answer that question. Meanwhile, a local expert spoke to FOX 10 Friday about "use of force", and how it's being taught.

"We have to do a thorough, complete, and unbiased investigation," said former police officer and tactical training export Lon Bartel. Bartel has seen the video.

"Don't get me wrong. Does it look -- is it hard ot watch? Absolutely, but the reality on human violence of any type, it is hard to watch," said Bartel.

Bartel isn't quick to pass judgment on the officers, and says the camera doesn't tell the whole story.

"Go ahead and grab my wrist, right now on film. That camera will never pick up that you can feel the tension in my wrist, and it can't pick it up," said Bartel.

Bartel also broke down what happened in the video.

"If you don't sit down, I'm going to sit you down or somebody is going to sit you down with me," said Bartel. "If you resist, there's going to be struggle."

Mesa's police chief, Ramon Batista, vowed there would be changes, but protestors who took to the streets Friday night were outraged over what they call systemic behavior.

"We ain't stopping at a simple march, simple protest or rally," said Darien Barrett. "We're going to do whatever it takes for these officers to get fired."

Bartel says when it comes to the incident with a 15-year-old, officers believed there was a weapon involved, and said they needed to make sure another kid didn't find it before they did.