Made In Arizona: A Valley favorite, Mrs. Klein's Pickles

Whether you like them out of the jar or on your burger, pickles are a way of life for this Valley company.

Mrs. Klein's Pickle Co. is an Arizona-based business that knows how to turn a cucumber into a tasty pickle.

Sliced jalapenos, cherry peppers, pepperoncini from Greece, sweet Gurkin from India -- are just some of the flavors added to their pickles.

"We do spears, whole koshers, kosher chips, sweet butter chips, we do sauerkraut," explained Jeffrey Knapp, Vice President of Operations.

The pickles are naturally fermented in jars. They never undergo a heating process.

So, why pickles?

"I don't know. That's a good question. I've never even thought about it. It's just been in my family, my life. It just is," said Susan Demero, co-owner.

The Byron Arnold family created Arnold Pickle Company in 1909, and in 1980, Demero's father bought Mrs. Klein's. Since then, the company has grown dramatically.

They now operate out of a 20,000 square foot warehouse.

"Arnold Pickle was my generation. Everybody knew Arnold Pickle. This generation -- They grew up with Mrs. Klein's when they were little kids and so it's funny -- the other generations haven't really heard of Arnold Pickle but they know Mrs. Klein's. So we have a following of customers all over the country," Demero explained.

You'll find their pickle products in grocery stores and on some of your favorite fast-food sandwiches like In-N-Out Burger, Whataburger and Del Taco.

The company has about 140 variations of different pickle products and sizes.

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