Made in Arizona: How Rango Honey is helping those with Autism through its business model

It can be used to make your food a little sweeter, and some people also use it to treat various ailments.

We're talking about honey, specifically, a valley company named "Rango Honey," and its wonderful, unique business model. 

Rango Honey, based in Tempe, was founded with a specific mission to use its profits to support adults with autism, provide job training for adults with autism, and also fund a local assisted living community, Nashama, which is for adults with autism.

"Our owners, who have a son with autism, wanted to contribute to the ongoing health of the autism community," said Rango Honey sales manager, Martin Rittman. "From this passion, they have created Nashama, an assisted living community for adults with autism. By supporting Rango Honey you are helping to provide job training and independent living services for adults with autism."

The company started nearly 4 years ago. They have their own bees and people to care for them. This company goes above and beyond for its community, including helping to preserve the bee population.

The process: The honey comes in in steel drums, then it's checked to make sure there are no contaminants. Its stirred and heated to 104 degrees, then it's packaged and labeled for sale.

You'll find their honey, and their bee pollen superfood in Bashas, Sprouts, Target, and in 26 other states.