Man accused of sexual indecency at Phoenix grocery store

PHOENIX - A man was arrested all because of what police say he did inside of a Sprouts Farmers Market. Authorities say things got so bad, customers actually dragged him out of the store.

Police say this all happened on Sunday inside of the store near 19th Avenue and Northern, where dozens of people were shopping, including children.

Officials say a woman and her two daughters, which are both under the age of 10, saw Dean James McRoberts touching himself inside the store. The police report says it didn't stop there. McRoberts allegedly followed the woman and her children around the store and continued to touch himself inappropriately while trying to get their attention.

Eventually, other shoppers and employees stepped in and got McRoberts out of the store, where they kept him until police arrived.

McRoberts didn't initially tell police his name. Instead, he told them he was 2-years-old. They eventually identified him after he was booked into the 4th Avenue Jail.

McRoberts had a misdemeanor warrant for a previous failure to comply with a court order. He's being held for sexual indecency.