Man arrested for stealing $1,000 of Victoria's Secret underwear

A man from Ohio was arrested for shoplifting more than $1,000 of underwear from Victoria's Secret stores.

Police suspect Reginald Murphy is part of a bigger crew swiping women's underwear at the Oakland and Somerset Collection mall locations for months.

Murphy was arrested last week after he was caught stealing underwear. It is not clear whether they were for him, another person or to be resold.

What is clear is how much was stolen from the two Victoria's Secret stores in Troy - both have the highest number of underwear thefts in the nation.

Last Wednesday Troy police set up an undercover underwear sting at the Oakland Mall location, catching the 36-year-old from Toledo in the act.

After realizing police were on to him, Murphy took off running out of the mall. He jumped in his car and the officer followed.

Murphy drove off with a police officer in the back seat and didn't get very far. After nearly hitting an officer fleeing, he was stopped in the parking lot and brought into custody.

Not only is he facing retail fraud, resisting arrest and fleeing and eluding charges, Murphy will also likely get a kidnapping charge.

Murphy is being held on a $500,000 bond.

FOX 2 is still waiting to hear back from a spokesperson from Victoria's Secret for comment, which was contacted after business hours.