Man crashes van and passed out in the street in Glendale neighborhood

Surveillance video from a neighbor along Missouri Avenue in Glendale shows a white van zoom down the street early this morning.

Moments later it crashed through a brick wall. Neighbors woke up to the crash at about 2 in the morning.

"A loud like bomb sound in a way it was very scary," said Xavier Perez.

Perez says the van was right in his yard, and the daylight showed the damage left behind. Shattered bricks and crime scene tape now surround the scene.

"There was no care at all that this person just ran people could have been walking any person could have been there," said Perez.

Neighbors say the driver appeared to be disoriented, and witnesses report seeing him try to get out and run.

"You just see like a work van right behind us. It was unbelievable just to see that our brick wall was gone," said Perez.

According to witnesses, the man passed out down the street which is where police found him.

Saturday morning Perez and his family were left with a mess, one they had to clean up themselves, while still in disbelief.

"Went straight to work picked up all the bricks. Heavy, heavy bricks," said Perez. "It's summer time, kids could have been walking, young adults could have been walking just enjoy the time when its not hot."

However, he's grateful the van didn't inch any closer to their home that was just feet away.

"We're just glad everyone's safe, everyone's okay," said Perez.