Man faces charges after pony's injuries lead to euthanization

The trouble started after people saw a pony fall off a flatbed trailer and onto the road, and that led police to the suspect's house.

According to court documents the trailer was make-shift and did not have a rear gate, it was deemed unsuitable for transporting the animals.

"It looks like she fell out and landed on her front knees and rolled over onto the right side," said Soliel Dolce, with the Arizona Equine Rescue Organization.

Drivers were honking and trying to get his attention as he dragged the horse along Northern near 35th Avenue. Police called a local horse rescue for help; the animal had to be euthanized.

"You need proper containment when you are transporting them because they can try to run and panic. Even the most seasoned and well-behaved animals are unpredictable at the end of the day," she said.

According to police the suspect told them it was "just an animal" and "he did not understand what all the fuss was about and stated it was not like he had thrown a kid out of the car or anything."

When investigators checked out his Glendale home, the case got even more disturbing, dozens of animals were living in filthy conditions.

"He had little ponies, cats, dogs, javelinas, pigs, boas, turtles, goats; he had all kinds of animals," said Josephine, a neighbor of Tippets.

Police searched the home over the weekend and sent the animals off to various rescue groups.

"The smell of the animals was very potent, especially when it was hot," she said.

According to some online ads, Tippets mobile petting zoo cost more than $100 for the first hour.

"I think pigs are supposed to be on a farm, not like in a little place you know... he was keeping them in little cages, like a little farm and it is just like messy over there," said Jose Gomez.

As part of his release, the suspect is not allowed to have any pets or contact with animals. He was booked on one count of animal cruelty, but more could be on the way.