Man killed by alleged teen drunk driver remembered fondly by family

An 18-year-old accused of drunk driving is in jail after a deadly crash in Gilbert on Saturday, Sept 19.

The victim is a 23-year-old Mesa man who was driving home near Gilbert Road and Main Street. It's the way victim, Luis Teran, took to get home all the time, but police say this time, a drunk driver crashed into him.

“He was coming back from work. He was less than a mile away from us," explained Adrienne Briseño, Teran's older sister. His family called and texted when he didn't come home from work at the nearby Walmart.

Mesa Police say witnesses saw 18-year-old James Langston speeding through yellow lights and making screeching stops before crashing into Teran’s car.

Investigators say Langston’s blood alcohol content was more than .27. Court documents say Langston drove faster than 80 mph.

“How bad can your life be to a point where you need to get yourself drunk that much, high that much, and be so irresponsible to grab a pickup truck and slam the accelerator the pedal to 90 miles per hour in a zone of almost 35?" Briseño said.

The teen allegedly told firefighters he drank a bottle of Captain Morgan and four beers. Police say his car smelled like burnt marijuana.

“I never thought these things were gonna happen," said Adriana Chaydez, Teran’s mother.

She's now in pain as she prepares to cremate him, saying her son would have graduated from Mesa Community College in November.

He's remembered as an artist with a unique personality. The 23-year-old loved to draw and wanted to be a graphic designer.

“And now he’s not here with us and I want justice," his mother said.

Langston is accused of one count of reckless manslaughter and is held on a $500,000 bond.