Man rescues homeowner from house fire

On Thursday, crews were busy battling a house fire in the extreme heat.

Plumes of smoke were visible hundreds of feet into the air near the freeway, and what sparked the fire remains a mystery. However, there were dramatic moments during the incident,as a person driving by tries to a rescue a woman from the burning home.

The man, identified only as "Sergio", was driving by when he spotted smoke. He quickly turned around and checked on the burning house.

"We came in and searched all the house," said Sergio. "We seen the lady inside, we brought her out, and then we went to the back because she said there were people in the back. We had to kick their door down because one of them was asleep. We brought them out.

Sergio even tried to help put out the fire before the fire crew showed up to the scene.

"We grabbed water hoses, gallon jugs, buckets, tried to put it out, but once it got to the point when we knew we couldn't do nothing, we just got out the way and let the firefighters do their business," said Sergio.

Fortunately, no one was hurt. However, the homeowner is distraught and is being consoled by family members at this time.