Man spends 97th birthday at the gym: 'You can live longer'

Some celebrate their birthday with cake, but for one Valley man, he'd rather celebrate at the gym.

When you think of places to spend your birthday, the gym typically doesn’t on the list, but for 97-year-old David Keaggy, he says coming to the gym on his birthday is key to having more birthdays in the future.

"I’m a strong believer in physical fitness, exercise for the body and there’s so many things you can do. You don’t have to be a powerlifter or a weight lifter. You just have to exercise," he said.

That's what Air Force veteran Keaggy has been doing since 1945 after he left the service. Exercising.

"Exercise, keeping my weight down, believing you can live longer," Keaggy says.

So what better way to spend his 97th birthday than at the gym, and with a new challenge? He's calling it the "blue line challenge."

He walked 103 yards around a basketball court carrying 40 pounds in his right hand, 30 pounds in his left and 15 pounds on each leg.

Step by step, he completed the task with flying colors, all while being cheered on by his Mountainside Fitness family.

"It’s wonderful. I never expected that, I do appreciate it, really do," Keaggy said.

"All of us want to get into our 80s and 90s, let alone 97 years old and to be able to do what he’s doing today. It’s amazing. It’s an inspiration to remember, and it’s an inspiration to all of Arizona, all Americans to push for health," Craig Cote, CEO of Mountainside Fitness said.

On his 90th birthday, Keaggy did 88 push-ups to celebrate.

He says he'll start planning now for his 100-year birthday challenge.