Man who killed young father in his apartment sentenced to decades in prison

It was sentencing day for a Valley man who burst into an apartment and murdered a father, as his kids and girlfriend slept just a few feet away.

Pedro Gomez's killer, Michael Mitchell, was sentenced to 32 years in prison. Gomez's family had mixed feelings outside of court Friday, shortly after the trial wrapped up. While the case is closed, and the family got a piece a justice, they also felt like the sentence was not sufficient.

"I don't feel it was enough for the crime that [Mitchell] committed," said Gomez's girlfriend, Diana Lopez. "He deserved life for taking life. An innocent life, for no reason."

Gomez's life was taken in May 2016, when Mitchell kicked in their apartment door, and shot Gomez dead.

It was a random attack.

At the time of the incident, Lopez was in another room, holding on to their three young kids. Mitchell calling 911, moments after, to confess. He said it was the voices in his head that led him to Gomez and Lopez's door, before he killed the young father.

"It's just heartbreaking," said Lopez.

Regardless of a sentence, Lopez's three children will grow up without a father.

"There's been several nights where I had to comfort my kids back to sleep, and there's been several nights where my kids are crying, and wishing they could have their dad back," said Lopez.

Pedros family also said that Gomez's killer showed no remorse during the trial, which, they say, made things that much more difficult.

"He just had a smirk on his face like, as if he didn't care," said Virginia Pena. "The only thing I think he felt bad for was that he lost his freedom.'