Man who posted Alton Sterling video wants job back

The man who posted the first video of the Baton Rouge police shooting now has an attorney and he wants to go back to work after he believes it cost him his job.

Christopher LeDay uploaded video of Alton Sterling's shooting on his Facebook page on July 5. It had been shared with him by a third party who recorded it.

"I knew I had the platform to share it, to make it go viral and I even requested when I originally posted it that everybody should share this to show some of the heinous crimes that have been committed by law enforcement against black men," said LeDay.

He fears, however, that the video lead to him being detained the next day when he reported to work for a private security firm at Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta.

LeDay announced at a news conference Thursday evening that attorney Tiffany Simmons will now represent him in the matter.

"He's been punished for doing the right thing," said Simmons. "He's been punished for being a good Samaritan by showing this video and showing America that we have to look in the mirror and we have to change some things."

According to LeDay, military police stopped him when he arrived on base July 6. Dunwoody Police then took him into custody.

A spokesperson for the Dunwoody Police Department said military police ran a search on LeDay as part of the security clearance process. They discovered LeDay was wanted on an old warrant out of Dunwoody and contacted the police department. Officers then arrived on base and transported LeDay to the DeKalb County Jail for "failing to appear on several traffic charges."

LeDay said he had only worked for the private company for about a month and had not yet been issued an official badge. He admitted that he did have a few outstanding traffic tickets, but he claimed he disclosed that on his employment paperwork. Those tickets were paid, said Simmons, before officers released LeDay from jail.

Dunwoody PD said they were not aware of the video at the time of LeDay's detainment. But Simmons believes the timing was suspect.

"Anything is possible, however, it is quite fishy that this happened to my client literally 24 hours after he uploaded the video," said Simmons.

LeDay has not been able to work since his detainment and Simmons called on the company to let the father of three return. The company declined to comment on the situation.