Man's ranch was site of stakeout to capture shooting, arsonist suspect

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The man killed by law enforcement Saturday morning is believed to be the same person who fired multiple times at a Forest Service employee in Forest Lakes back on July 4.

On Saturday, we spoke with a man whose ranch was the site of the stakeout, about 10 miles east of Globe.

"On Thursday, we had one of the Sheriff Deputies come out. He said they located the individual and to keep doors locked, keep vehicles locked and to stay armed at all times," said Doug Brost, the ranch owner.

Brost said the last two days have kept him on edge as several agencies searched for the suspect.

Officers told Brost he and his family needed to be prepared for what could happen.

"Definitely a lot of anxiety. This is a rough terrain so he really could have been anywhere out here, so we stayed close to the house. Well-armed and ready to defend ourselves," Brost said.

Officers were coming through the acreage Saturday morning when they came across a man who they say started firing at officers.

That's when the officers fired back, and the man was pronounced dead on scene.

Brost says he's thankful for the officers keeping his family safe and informed throughout the entire process.

"That basically told me, 'All I can tell you, is the guy is dead, you guys are safe, nothing to worry about from here on out,'' Brost said.