Marathon runner running from Phoenix to California, hopes to raise $1 million for charity

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Starting this Sunday, A marathon runner is starting his run here in Phoenix and he'll be pounding the pavement all the way to California.

Lee Perriera calls himself the marathon musician because he can do both: play music and run marathons.

"Last year, I ran the Rock N' Roll marathon, and then I performed afterward," said Perriera.

Perriera says he was inspired by his favorite talk show host Ellen DeGeneres to spread love and kindness. So he'll be running from Phoenix all the way to Ellen's studio in Burbank, Calif. in hopes to be featured on her show as well as to raise $1,000,000 in the process for four non-profits.

"I thought, 'Oh, my gosh, he's crazy,'" said Monica Graffius with the Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children. "Only because of how much running he's going to do, 419 miles. But knowing how talented and whole-hearted he is, I was super excited and completely honored that [he chose] Arizona Cancer Foundation as a beneficiary."

Perriera plans to split the $1,000,000 dollars four ways. He plans to donate to Ellen's WIldlife Fun, Driving Out Domestic Violence, the Arizona Healthcare Foundation, and the Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children. Each charity will get $250,000.

"We cover the cost of mortgages, day-to-day expenses treatment options, travel for treatment, canine therapy, all of that," Graffius said.

"I work with all of these charities in town," Perriera said. "And so between all my love for running and these charities that I work with."

Lee plans to stream his whole run through Facebook.

"Every day of those 16 days, we'll be live-streaming," Perriera said. "Each day will be a marathon until I get from Phoenix to Burbank, Calif."

Right now, Perriera is in training mode. Plus, his biggest support who he calls the love of his life, his fiance, will be following him through his whole journey.

Lee has started a GoFundMe page where all of the money will be going toward his favorite charities.