March for Our Lives organizers holding vigil Monday night in honor of Santa Fe High School victims

Following Friday's tragic school shooting in Texas, the March for Our Lives movement is holding a vigil here in the valley tomorrow.

Organizers say now is the time to take action. They hope lawmakers will make policy changes to prevent more deaths in schools.

Fox 10's Courtney Griffin spoke with Jordan Harb, one of the organizers, who says nothing has been done to change the gun laws in Arizona and he will work until something is done.

Harb says he was sickened after hearing the news of another school shooting. This time it was at Santa Fe High School in Texas.

"Not only was I upset that 10 more people are dead, kids like me, but I'm upset that it's still happening. Millions of people were marching in the streets across the country. We occupied the capitol just here for six hours, we wrote letters to our representatives over and over again, and yet 10 people are still dead," Harb said.

Harb and others have held marches, and even held a die-in at Governor Ducey's office, all to get the word out about stricter gun laws.

They're pushing for universal background checks, a ban on bump stocks and for more mental health counselors to be available in schools. But so far, nothing has been accomplished.

"I hope it sends a clear message to Governor Ducey that he needs to call a special session and finish where we left off on his failed school safety bill. If he's going to take action ever, now is the time to do it," Harb said.

Governor Ducey released his school safety plan in March, but it died in the legislature.

His office says it was "developed with parents, students, teachers, law enforcement and mental health experts at the table."

In a statement given to Fox 10 earlier this week, the Governor's office says in part:

"It's disappointing that this plan was not passed, but the Governor is committed to fighting for the common-sense reforms. He encourages Republicans and Democrats to put politics aside and join in support. This is not a partisan issue."

Harb says they won't stop until something is done or a special session is held.

"We need to honor those who have died and not just give thoughts and prayers, but give policies," Harb said.

March for Our Lives is holding the vigil for the Santa Fe victims at the Capitol at 7 p.m. They are expecting a couple hundred people. All are welcome to bring candles, flowers and they will be accepting donations.