Margo Carey reunited with family just in time for Christmas

Baby Margot is finally back home and back with family just in time for Christmas. Her father, Shane Carey, took to social media posting a picture with her in his arms. 

“We're a very tight family full of love and we just want to get that going again,” said Ty Carey, Margot's grandfather.

Margot was found alive in the Houston area while her mother, Heidi Broussard, was found strangled to death nearby after the two were reported missing for more than a week. They were last seen in the south Austin area. Authorities arrested her friend Megan Fieramusca last week in relation to the case. She is charged with kid napping and tampering with a corpse, so far no murder charge.

At a vigil for Broussard, Carey shed some light on how his son, Shane Carey and father of Margot, is holding up. "I don't want him to get hurt anymore and this has been tough, they came at him from all sides,” said Carey.

Before an arrest was made Carey said people, especially online, have been relentless on his son even after police reported that they believed he was not involved. "There were so many people saying so much so many terrible things all over the internet,” said Carey.

Just a quick look on social media on any story talking about the case showed dozens of comments pointing the finger at his son. "It's unbelievable to watch, I’m barely alive dealing with all that stuff it's just beyond comprehension to watch your son you know he didn’t do a thing and you know how much he loved her it's just unbelievable," said Carey.

More charges for Fieramusca are possible.    

What exactly happened leading up to Broussard’s disappearance is still not known at this time. It's also not clear at this time if anyone else was involved.