Massage Envy rocked by sexual misconduct allegations

More details have been released, in regards to allegations of bad behavior by some massage therapists working at the Scottsdale-based chain Massage Envy.

According to a report by Buzzfeed, over 180 women across the country have said they were sexually assaulted, while visiting the chain. Of the women filing complaints against the massage chain, nine of them are from Maricopa County.

A massage therapy teacher said whenever there's inappropriate behavior, it's unfortunate, but he went on to say it's not common in his profession.

Michael Tapscott has been practicing massage therapy for 25 years and now teaches it. He puts a premium on client comfort.

"The other half of our job is emotionally taking care of a client," said Tapscott. "They're vulnerable, they're clothed minimally, they're covered but being touched by a stranger, and so, we spend a lot of time with emotional development and keeping a client safe."

Tapscott personally hasn't seen misconduct, but he said when it happens, there are severe consequences.

"If a client is to cross the line, you end the session immediately," said Tapscott. "If a therapist is to cross the line, their license can be taken away from them. I'm assuming other legal action can be taken towards them too."

Some massage therapists with Scottsdale-based Massage Envy have reportedly crossed that line. Nine of those are from Maricopa County, and at least two of those occurred in the past three years at Massage Envy locations in the Valley, with both of the men being stripped of their licenses and arrested.

Tapscott, however, said it's not difficult to do the right thing.

"Respect the individual, respect what they want and do no harm," said Tapscott. "It's that simple."

Those two arrests happened in Tempe and Peoria in the past three years. A check of state records have verified the two involved have had their licenses stripped.

At the time of the arrests, Massage Envy immediately fired both employees.