MCACC keeps the 4th of July stress-free for pets

Volunteers at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control were busy Monday night at their Mesa location, making sure all the dogs and cats aren't spooked by all the 4th of July festivities.

"With Tempe Town Lake right next to our Mesa location, we were really kind of worried about the dogs at the shelter. A lot of them don't do well with loud noises," said MCACC's Melissa Gable.

Dogs were getting blankets spritzed with calming spray and toys. They even put radios in the kennels to hopefully drown out the boom of the fireworks and for some of the more skiddish dogs, thunder shirts.

"It's applying on their pressure points, which will ease some of their anxiety," said Gable.

While employees and volunteers were busy, they're anticipating an even busier day on Tuesday.

"July 5th is our busiest day of the year," said Gable. "When they heard that firework sound -- the festivity sound -- they don't know what it is. Their instinct is to try and get away from it as quickly as possible."

MCACC usually takes in about 100 dogs on any given day, but on July 5th, that number increases by a lot.

"It could be up to 200. It could double easily," said Gable.

If you do lose your dog, MCACC says there are a number of ways to spread the word. You can post to StrayDar on Facebook as well as their web site here in Maricopa County. They say it's also important to keep checking the shelter.