MCSO gives look into the suspected freeway shooters jail cell

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office is giving a look into the jail cell where the man arrested in the freeway shootings spent several months.

Leslie Merritt Jr. was kept in solitary confinement at the Lower Buckeye Jail for the past seven months. During that time, he did get in trouble for breaking the rules where he admitted to wrongdoing and was disciplined for it.

Merritt was housed at the Lower Buckeye Jail from his arrest until last week. Officials say he asked to kept away from the general jail population.

Cell Number 22, it was home for Merritt while he was locked up for seven months. He had no cell mates and received a mattress, sheet, blanket, and some towels. He was also allowed to have reading materials and some food and drink.

"Inmate Merritt was well behaved, never caused any issues at least to me, he was very polite. He would come out to the day room and not really bother any officers, just go about his business," said Detention Officer Perez.

Merritt spent 23 hours a day in the 12 x 6 cell, he spent one hour in the dayroom but never had any physical interaction with any other inmates.

During his time at the jail he was involved in one incident, during a cell search officers found a prohibited item.

"It looked like it was made out of paper, elastic from the pink boxers that we issue in the jail to all inmates, it was a makeshift slingshot. He admitted to it, he signed that it was his, and he did received a 30-day discipline on that, which was the full restriction," said Courtney Palma.

30 days without perks like having visitors, using the commissary or using the day room. Other than that Merritt did not cause any problems and remained upbeat with the jail staff, even the day he was released.

"All smiles, he was looking forward to getting out," said Officer Perez.