Memorial Day: Busy weekend on the roads

AAA is predicting the Memorial Day weekend will be the second busiest on record with 1.6 million people in Arizona are expected to travel by car this weekend.

Workers at the Arizona Department of Transportation say they expect traffic to get heavier in the afternoons, and on Monday afternoon and evening they expect to see many more cars on the road than usual.

Equipment is staged by the freeways in a couple of parts in the state, so if there is a crash or a car breakdown, vehicles can quickly be moved off the roads.

Gas prices are 40 cents cheaper this holiday weekend than the same time last year, making a drive a good bet for a getaway.

We're seeing the least expensive gas prices since Memorial Day 2005.

The "Click It or Ticket" campaign remains in full effect this holiday weekend, so people can get pulled over if they are not wearing a seat belt.

ADOT workers advise drivers to avoid peak travel times, if possibly, which will primarily be on Monday afternoon and evening.