Mesa PD officer, off-duty paramedic hailed heroes after saving unconscious baby

A Mesa Police officer and off-duty paramedic are being hailed heroes for saving a baby's life, and it was all caught on body camera.

A panicked mother gave her unresponsive baby to the officer who was able to get her baby breathing again. The officer was in the right place at the right time.

He was at the light rail station on a separate call when he was handed a baby who was not breathing.

Officer Shaquille Perez's body camera footage from July 23 captured the moment when he first heard screaming. Then, a mother rushed over to give him her baby.

Perez quickly reacted and started patting the baby on the back. An off-duty paramedic also happened to be there and volunteered to help.

They put the baby in the back of the police car with cool air and thankfully the baby started breathing again.

"It was kind of an emotional time, a lot of feelings came up while I was helping baby, and seeing that the baby was fine after the fact. You go back to the car, you sit by yourself, and you start really thinking, you're replaying what happened, and it was a crazy feeling for sure," Officer Perez said.

He says the baby was having seizures. The mother told police her baby got vaccines the day before and was feeling sick.

It's unclear what caused the baby to stop breathing, but we are told he's doing fine thanks to the help from the first responders.